Help: Search Interactions or Genes by Pathway

The Pathway Advanced Search page allows users to search for genes or interactions found within a particular pathway. More than 5,485 pathways have been loaded in InnateDB from major public pathway databases.

Pathways in InnateDB and the molecules in them are species-specific. Please ensure you have selected the correct species.

You can select an example pathway from the top drop-down menu or search any of the 5,485+ pathways from all data sources by typing the pathway name in the second box.

You can also search by the external database pathway ID (e.g. REACTOME: 166016).

By selecting "Return a list of Genes", a list of all genes annotated in the pathway will be returned.

By default, a list of molecular interactions are returned which is restricted to interactions only between annotated members of the pathway. If "No" is selected, a more comprehensive list of interactions is returned, displaying interactions between pathway members and all other molecules with which they interact.

Note: If a pathway member has no annotated interactions, then it will not be returned using the "Return a list of interactions" function.