Access to interaction data via PSICQUIC web services Curated InnateDB interaction data. All experimentally validated interactions in InnateDB (including manually curated ones).
A web service is meant to be used in machine-to-machine communications. However, you can get PSI-MITAB data directly in your browser by using the REST Access, like in*. There are multiple formats you can chose from and use like this:*?format=xml25
IMEx compliant curated interactions via EBI:
Additionally, InnateDB's curation team has been curating molecular interactions from Nature Immunology since Sept 2010 to IMEx standards. These are submitted via the IntAct curation system as InnateDB does not have the capability yet of recording all IMEx fields; also, these interactions are not necessarily relevant to innate immunity. They are accessible via the IMEx website.
These data, updated once a week, are also available for download in MITAB 2.7 file format.